10 Songs for Labor Day

Telling the Boss to Shove It Is Only One of the Sentiments Expressed

There’s nothing like a three-day weekend. Whether you’re hitting the lake or spending the day in your PJs, the perfect Labor Day playlist is essential. Here are 10 songs to get you started.

“Take This Job and Shove It,” Johnny Paycheck Because we all want to mirror these sentiments every now and then, right? This weekend, at least, you can pretend you did just that.

“Blowin’ Smoke,” Kacey Musgraves Unlike Paycheck, the women in Musgraves’ “Blowin’ Smoke” aren’t so quick to quit their day jobs. Blow off a little steam with this track from her Same Trailer Different Park album.

“Day Drinking,” Little Big Town What better way to spend your day off than with a little day drinking? Play this hit from Little Big Town to get your day party started.

“Flora-Bama,” Kenny Chesney If you’re taking a beach trip this holiday weekend, Chesney knows the perfect spot. Open up a can of good times with this track from his upcoming album, The Big Revival.

“This Is How We Roll,” Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan A little Hank, a little Drake … whatever you’re listening to at your Labor Day party, make sure “This Is How We Roll” makes it into the rotation, too.

“Workin’ Man Blues,” Merle Haggard We all get the workin’ man blues every now and then, which makes the four-day work week ahead all the sweeter.

“Coal Miner’s Daughter,” Loretta Lynn Labor Day is a celebration of our hardest workers, and no one understands the value of hard work quite like Lynn, as evidenced by her classic “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

“Roller Coaster,” Luke Bryan
If you’re traveling for the long weekend, you may find yourself with a vacation romance. Listen to “Roller Coaster” on the long drive home.

“Something Like That,” Tim McGraw This Tim McGraw classic tells the story of falling in love over Labor Day weekend. Hopefully, you’ll be just as lucky.

“Workin’ for a Livin,” Garth Brooks and Huey Lewis
If only that “some days won’t end ever” line applied to Labor Day.