Carrie Underwood Expecting: Eight Things We Can Expect

More Thoughts About Her Pregnancy

Now that Carrie Underwood has officially — and adorably — announced that she and husband Mike Fisher are going to have a baby, I’m sure she’s bought the mother of all pregnancy bibles, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. (By the time I had my third child, I had that thing memorized.)

But while Underwood’s pregnancy moves from trimester to trimester, what can the rest of us expect?

1. A barely-there baby bump. We will wait and wait and wait to see that she is showing, but when you’re as slim as she is, her belly may stay flattish well into her fifth month.

2. That glow. She already takes good care of her skin, so that extra glow you see may be coming from within. Sometimes, the pretty just get prettier.

3. Eating even healthier for two. For some expectant moms, the concept of “eating for two” can result in too much. Twice the French fries, twice the bacon, twice the Oreos. (My rationale for that was that the more Oreos I ate, the more milk I drank.) But Underwood will most likely stick with her vegetarian diet the whole time.

4. Maternity clothes that are cuter than regular clothes. Underwood, I’m sure, will not allow her style to waver just because she has a belly to camouflage. She will rock whatever looks she’s going to rock, regardless. There will be no giving up on fashion. No blue jeans fastened with the rubber-band-in-the-button-hole system. And no shapeless frocks. I hope she wears some bodycon dresses when she hosts the CMA Awards in November. Just because she can.

5. A blog. I’m pretty sure it’s the law now that every pregnant celebrity must start a blog. And if her tweets are any indication, she’d be a great blogger. She was a journalism major, remember?

6. A little privacy, please. Even though her life has become an open book, I’ll bet that as her due date gets closer and closer, she and Fisher will want to just keep to themselves.

7. The nonstop supply of photos. Underwood probably won’t go all Demi Moore (who posed nude for the August 1991 Vanity Fair cover when she was seven months pregnant) on us, but I’m sure she will post pictures along the way.

8. A commitment to breastfeeding. No matter when the baby gets here and what Underwood’s touring schedule is like, I’m fairly certain she will breastfeed. It’s the healthiest way to go for both baby and mom.

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