Jake Owen Takes Daughter on First Fishing Trip

Country Star Provides One of the Cutest Instagram Videos Ever

I hope this doesn’t hurt Jake Owen’s feelings. However, Jake, you may not, in fact, be the biggest star at your house, buddy.

That title may actually belong to your beautiful daughter Pearl.

Owen recently posted the most adorable Instagram video of his pride and joy as they embarked on their first fishing trip together. Pearl is seen riding with her daddy, clutching a bag of Goldfish snacks and wearing a little sundress, straw hat and the biggest grin you can imagine as the two prepare to hit the water.

When Owen asks her, “Where are we going?” she yells back enthusiastically, “Go fishing!”

He says, “Are we going fishing?” and she answers, “Yeah!”

Daddy asks, “Are you excited?” She tosses back, “Yeah!”

I mean, this video is too precious for words. And it’s not the first time Pearl has starred in a video on her daddy’s Instagram. She’s also been spotted sitting in his lap singing along as he plays guitar and grooving on his shoulders as they dance together in the streets of Downtown Disney.

As for their inaugural fishing trip, there’s no word on how well the fish were biting that day for Owen and little Miss Pearl, but something tells me these two weren’t in it for the actual numbers or bragging rights. Moments like this are all about creating memories to last a lifetime. And we’re certain this is one memory Owen will never forget.

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