Jason Aldean Streams Entire Album One Month Early

He Offers One-Hour Preview on BuzzFeed

On Tuesday night (Sept. 2), just hours after revealing that his upcoming album Old Boots, New Dirt will be released on Oct. 7, Jason Aldean announced he was streaming the album — but only for an hour

Starting at 7 p.m., the BuzzFeed website had the music available just 60 minutes, just as Aldean had revealed via Twitter just a earlier. In previewing the album so far in advance, he said he was trying to come up with creative ways to get the music out there versus doing the same old thing.

“This is something that nobody’s ever done, in any format, any genre — letting people hear the record before it’s out,” he told BuzzFeed . “We spent a long time cutting this thing, and I’m proud of it.”

Proud, probably, because this album was made after Aldean went through some tough times in his personal life.

“When drama goes down, my favorite place to be is onstage,” he said. “You sit there and you read all this crap, and then you step out onstage and see that people still support you in doing what you’re doing. In the last couple of years, it feels like everything I’ve done has been on blast, personally and professionally. …

“That title and that song, ’Old Boots, New Dirt,’ is about starting with a clean slate. I’m the same dude, but we’re gonna start over and hit some uncharted territory here.”

He also talked about having no rules when it comes to making music and about not letting any genre-specific mandates determine how a song should sound.

“I’m pretty knowledgeable in country music, and I’ve never once seen where it says, ’Country music doesn’t have a drum loop,'” he said.

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