Garth Brooks Finally Offers Digital Downloads

He Launches GhostTunes, a New Online Music Store

Garth Brooks has launched GhostTunes, a full-service online music store that will offer digital access to his entire catalog of recordings along with music from some of the world’s biggest music labels, including the three largest: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

Brooks made the announcement Thursday (Sept. 4) in Chicago prior to the first concert of a multi-night engagement marking his first national tour in several years.

GhostTunes allows consumers to listen to their music from their personal “locker” immediately upon purchase without having to download the content to their device. Fans also can download their purchased content to play with the audio player of their choice on a phone, tablet or computer. Artists can choose to sell full albums, singles only or any other recordings.

It’s the first time Brooks has authorized digital downloads of his music.

In addition to offering individual albums, he is also promoting a “super bundle” — priced at $29.99 — that includes his complete catalog of existing music and videos and the preorder of a new album expected to be released in November and a newly-announced project scheduled to arrive in 2015.

“When I decided it was time to ’go digital.’ I didn’t find an existing way that really fit how I wanted to do it,” Brooks said. “I shared my dream with some amazing minds and together have created something really special — GhostTunes. This is a site that treats music with the utmost respect, where our job every day is to offer music the way the artists want to share it to the listeners who live for and love it.”

The GhostTunes website opened for business on Thursday.