Let’s Cast Carrie Underwood’s Two Black Cadillacs

I can think of at least 300 country songs that would make really well-crafted movies and/or TV shows. So it makes perfect sense that Carrie Underwood’s 2012 hit “Two Black Cadillacs” is being turned into a Fox miniseries. (They’re calling it a “six-hour limited event series,” but I’m old school. I call that a miniseries.)

Deadline.com is reporting the series will be based on the hit song from Underwood’s Blown Away album. She’s is not going to star in the show, like she does in the music video, but she is reportedly going to be an executive producer on the project, along with Jerry Bruckheimer.

The song, which Underwood co-wrote with Hillary Lindsey and Josh Kear, is about one cheating bastard and two women — his wife and his mistress. Once the two women find out about his infidelities to them both, they decide to seek their revenge not on each other but on the man in the middle. (And I won’t give the entire ending away, but I will say there is going to be a funeral.)

So the question is, whose funeral should it be? Can’t you just see Jon Hamm as the man caught in the middle of the messy love triangle? Or maybe Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley
Cooper, Jude Law or even Josh Duhamel?

As for the mistress, I think I’d go with someone believable but still likeable. Because, after all, she didn’t know he was married. Nina Dobrev, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer
Lawrence would all fit that role.

The wife, though, is probably the most important role in this story. She can’t be some little poor-poor-pitiful-me doormat of a wife. She needs to have fight and embody the spirit of the woman scorned.

I’m thinking Amy Adams, Ashley Judd or maybe Kerry Washington. I’m leaning toward Washington because she could take care of the whole love triangle mess just like she does when she’s playing Olivia Pope on Scandal. With just two words: It’s handled.

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