Luke Bryan: He’ll Stay Him

Luke Bryan’s debut album was titled I’ll Stay Me.

That was seven years ago, and he’s stayed true to his word. He is still him. And he told me he plans on still being that same guy he was back when he was just getting started with his singing and songwriting.

When Bryan and I caught up before his recent show at Soldier Field in Chicago, we talked about how his music has evolved so much since that first album but how he is still the guy he was singing about in his third single, “Country Man.”

“I still can salt-cure a ham,” he said. “Sure. I’m still that guy now even more than ever. I think the more years I get under my belt, the more I revert back to some of that.”

By “some of that,” he means the lifestyle he paints a picture of in “Country Man” — one where he can grow his own groceries, hot wire tractors, plow up the land and wrestle hogs and gators with his two bare hands.

And luckily, he can share those life skills with his two sons.

“I’ve been so blessed,” Bryan said. “So now we’re in Nashville, and we’re building our house on a farm, so I get to be in the outdoors a lot more than I used to. And I get to go huntin’ and fishin’ a lot more than I used to because I’ve been able to find good spots for that.”

So while Bryan’s career has exploded since 2007 and his shows have grown to include big-city stadiums, he swears he’s still as country as he’s always been.

“I feel like more and more, with every day, I get back to really truly who I was when I was just a kid in Georgia,” he said.

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.