Jason Aldean Gets Garth Brooks’ Attention

Country Music Hall of Fame Member Credits Aldean for Introducing "Muscle Country"

So many artists on country radio today were clearly influenced by Garth Brooks. He was their Haggard, their Jones, their Waylon Jennings. If they were listening to country in the ’90s, it would be hard not to be influenced by Brooks in his heyday.

But it never occurred to me there might be a little mutual adoration going on between the new guys and Brooks.

At a press conference in Chicago on Thursday (Sept. 4), Brooks talked about some of the artists who are influencing him these days. He mentioned Bruno Mars. He mentioned Lady Gaga (who, ironically, showed up at Brooks’ opening night of the tour later that night).

Then, he brought up Jason Aldean.

“Guys like Jason Aldean, who came out with what I call ’muscle country,’ (the) poor guy came out and did it, and he was the only guy doing it — and then everybody jumped on it, you know? Everybody tried to do that Jason thing,” Brooks said.

And Brooks knows that once your thing becomes everyone else’s thing, it might be time for a change.

“So he’s now in the point of trying to figure out how to reinvent himself,” he said of Aldean. “I wish him well with that because the kid’s a good talent, and I’d like to see him around with some new music.”

Brooks will get his wish on Oct. 7 when Aldean’s new album, Old Boots, New Dirt, is released.

And in an interesting twist of musical fate, the title track of Aldean’s album was co-written by prolific hitmaker Lee Thomas Miller, who also wrote Brooks’ new single, “People Loving People.”