Garth Brooks’ Daughter Joins Him Onstage

Allie Colleen, 18, Serves as Background Vocalist for Final Chicago Show

When Garth Brooks took the stage for his final Chicago show on Sunday night (Sept. 14), there was one more rookie in his backing band.

She was in a red plaid shirt, skinny jeans and tan booties with her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looked like a teenager because she is a teenager. His teenager.

It was Brooks’ youngest daughter Allie. And when he was introducing what he called the Wall of Sound — his usual three background singers — he added one more.

“We’ve been working together for, I don’t know, the last 18 years now or so. This little girl’s very talented. She does background vocals, acoustic guitar, singer-songwriter. From Owasso, Oklahoma, give it up for Miss Allie Colleen,” Brooks yelled.

Brooks never acknowledged the singer was his little girl, but you could tell they were father and daughter just by the way they interacted. He had his arm around her during one verse of “Friends in Low Place” and looked prouder than I’ve ever seen him.

And she didn’t just join her dad on a couple songs. Unless he was performing a song alone — just him and his guitar — Allie was singing for the entire set which lasted more than two hours.

Allie is one of three daughters Brooks had with his former wife Sandy. And she was the one who — once she turned 18 — made Brooks keep his promise to return to the stage once he’d raised all his girls.

So having her onstage for one of those comeback shows was a full-circle moment.

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