Lee Brice’s Latest Single Almost Didn’t Come His Way

Justin Moore Considered Cutting "Drinking Class"

Could this be a country music case of one man’s trash becoming another man’s treasure?

Possibly. Because I just found out that before Lee Brice got his hands on “Drinking Class” and did an amazing job on it, it was a song Justin Moore was considering.

Moore has one of the truest twangs left in country music, so I think he would’ve sounded absolutely believable as a member of the blue-collar crowd the song pays tribute to. But, for whatever reason, he turned it down for his Off the Beaten Path album.

That’s when Brice took over. According to Billboard, once Moore passed on the song in 2013, Brice put it on hold right away and got to work. The song is the second single from his latest album, I Don’t Dance.

Despite the title, and the mention of whiskey and beer in the lyrics, Brice maintains it’s not a drinking song.

“’Drinking Class’ is not really about drinking. It’s more about the working class and everybody in this world who works their tails off. You know, if they wanna have a beer, it’s like they deserve that moment, they deserve that freedom, and it’s really kind of a symbol to me more than it is a party song,” he told Billboard .

And as for his version of the tune — written by Josh Kear, David Frasier and Ed Hill — Brice credits his believability more than his voice for making the single what it is.

“If you look at some of my favorite singers, it was about their passion and their believability rather than having a perfect vocal. Not that they couldn’t sing, but I mean, if Garth Brooks was a little pitchy here or there, or Bruce Springsteen was a little pitchy here or there, it doesn’t matter because you believed them,” Brice said.

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