Dierks Bentley: The Mentors Who Built Him

Esquire Reveals the Ones Who Shaped the Singer

Maybe it was Dierks Bentley’s mom. Or his dad. Or his wife. Or his three kids. Maybe, actually, it was all six of them who made Bentley who he is today.

That’s the gist of this new story in Esquire magazine.

Bentley admits he should give a little credit to Jesus and his dog, but he says his kids are the true mentors in his life right now.

“I thought I was a man until I had kids, and then I realized that my real life had just begun,” he said. “It tears away the person you were before, builds you up to become the person you have to become, makes you learn a lot of skills — a lot of man skills. That all comes with a kid. Especially three of them.”

Next on Bentley’s list of life guides? His wife Cassidy, who made him the man he is before those three kids came along.

“Women are very wise, knowingly and unknowingly,” he said. “They have a lot more going on upstairs and in their soul than we do. My wife, I always felt, has been very wise and has kinda dragged me along, getting me to this spot of manhood.”

His father, too, set the manliness bar very high. According to Bentley, the way his dad could siphon gas says almost everything you need to know about the late Leon Bentley.

“My dad was a guy who wasn’t afraid to get a mouthful of old gasoline. You know: Put a garden hose into a boat and suck down a whole mouthful of old gas trying to get the old gas out of the boat. He knew his way around tools. He changed my tires like that. He was really just a man’s man,” he said, adding that his mother was the one behind the scenes putting the family first and doing all the little things that matter so much to a family.

Like washing his mouth out with a bar of soap when he said a bad word, Bentley revealed.