Jason Aldean on the Hardest Songs to Find

The Elusive Combination of Groove and Well-Written Lyrics
Editor’s note: Listen to Jason Aldean’s Old Boots, New Dirt in its entirety exclusively on CMT.com.

There’s always that trade-off, right? Like if Jason Aldean wants a cool groove, he can’t have great lyrics, too. Right?

Wrong. He can have both.

He told CMT.com the key is to “find songs that are written the right way but also have that groove.” However, he was quick to add, “Those are the hardest songs to find.”

Because his upcoming album Old Boots, New Dirt has fewer party songs than listeners may be used to, Aldean explained why his new collection of tunes isn’t an automatic tribute to the girls-and-Friday-nights mentality.

“If I have a great song that comes in that’s a party song, I’ll cut it in a second,” he said. “If I’ve got to pick between a mediocre (up-tempo) song or a really awesome ballad, I’m gonna go with the ballad because it’s a better song. I think it goes back to the best songs you can find.”

He cited his own hit songs like “She’s Country,” “My Kinda Party”and “Take a Little Ride” as ones that are the rare combination of the perfect balance between a party theme and a cool groove.

Without that, what goes wrong sometimes is that people end up thinking every up-tempo song has to be about a party.

“A lot of people want to write these party, tempo songs, and they think if it’s a tempo song it’s gotta be about a party,” he said. “But they try to write these things, and it sort of comes off as just not really believable. The groove’s cool, but it’s not a well-written song.”

Aldean is so right. Try to come up with an example of a current up-tempo song that isn’t about a party atmosphere. Seriously. Try. It’s almost impossible.