Nashville Recap: The Baby Is Avery’s

My Ultimate Takeaway From the Latest Episode

Some things happened on Wednesday’s (Oct. 1) episode of Nashville but none more important than the fact that the bun in Juliette’s oven is not Jeff’s. It is, indeed, Avery’s baby. And like Faith Hill once sang, a baby changes everything .

Because now, there is no way Juliette will be able to play the role of Patsy Cline. She can’t do Cline’s character justice with a baby belly, and she’s not about to abort the child of the man she truly loves. (Even though, just minutes before she learned of the baby’s father during a routine ultrasound, she was ready to head to the nearest clinic to get rid of what she thought was the result of that quickie mistake with Jeff.)

And since Juliette won’t be able to commit to the Cline role, maybe Layla will go for it. She was there at the auditions after her reality-show husband Will pushed his label boss into letting her do something with her life. Since his album is at No. 1, and Jeff’s label isn’t performing so well, Will has all the power now.

“I think you wanna keep your No. 1 artist happy,” Will said. “Right, Jeff?”

In other news, Luke and Rayna grew a little closer. Gunnar and Zoe agreed to live together. Avery and a new waitress at the Bluebird Cafe made out. And Deacon and Maddie finally started acting like a true father and teenage daughter — exasperated and sullen, respectively.

Other highlights that will make tuning in next week a sure thing:

Deacon is still going out on tour with Luke and Rayna. Cue the awkward.

Rayna keeps bitching about press requests. But her manager tells her, wisely, “What got you here is not gonna be enough to keep you here.”

And Scarlett dipped her toe in the songwriting sand again and came close to breakdown number two.