Casey James Is Back

"Fall Apart" Is the First Single From His Upcoming Album

The singer and guitar slinger is back with a brand new single that you’re not just going to like –you’re going to love.

Casey James is back and making your speakers sound so much sweeter with his brand new single, “Fall Apart.”

I should probably be embarrassed by how many times I’ve listened to since its release just days ago, but I’m not. I’m letting my super-fan flag fly high.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from James. His self-titled debut album from 2012 was a stellar introduction and chock full of gems like “Drive,” “Workin’ on It” and my favorite — “Miss Your Fire” — in addition to radio singles like “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” and “Crying on a Suitcase.”

But the best things in life and music take time to craft and create, and James seems to be abiding by that notion when it comes to creating his sophomore album.

It’s a smart move. The second album always seems to be the scariest one for an artist to put together. Whether your debut stunned in a good or bad way — and, for James, it was definitely the former — people have major expectations from a second effort. They want you to deliver — and in a big way. So he plans to do just that.

“I worked every day for two and a-half years searching for music, finding the things that I want to say as an artist, the way I want it to sound,” he said in a recent interview. “I didn’t sacrifice. Every song I chose has its own purpose and meaning, and they say something.”

“Fall Apart,” written by Will Bowen and Josh and Zach Carter (better known as Kingston, a duo I also adore) is the first single from his upcoming album, so I’m hoping it’s a good indicator as to what we can expect from the rest of the project.

“Fall Apart” is now available on iTunes.

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