Blake Shelton: Don’t Put Taylor Swift in a Corner

"Why Can't I Just Call It What It Is," Swift Asked Him

Now that Blake Shelton has established himself as The Voice of all things The Voice, it was nice to hear him talk about a conversation he had backstage with Taylor Swift.

Swift is one of the advisors for this season of the reality show, and when CMT’s Cody Alan talked with Shelton recently , they talked about Swift’s decision to take her music in a different direction on her upcoming album, 1989.

And Shelton can’t really figure out why that’s such a big deal to everyone.

“I talked to Taylor, actually, about this on the set that day,” Shelton said. “And she said, ’Man, I made the record. I listened to it, and why can’t I just call it what it is, you know?’

“I love that. It’s taking a stand for where she feels like she is right now musically.”

He went on to rave about her talents at “whatever she does.”

“I never have understood the concept of being pigeon-holed or cornered into a situation, and nobody can take you seriously if you step out of that zone,” Shelton said of Swift’s new music, due out Oct. 27. “I mean, if anybody can do it, it’s Taylor. And why the hell wouldn’t she do it? It’s incredible. I don’t care what you call it.”

Swift will be working with the contestants on The Voice as an advisor, along with Little Big Town, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Gavin Rossdale.

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