Sunny Sweeney Makes Everyone’s Day

Random Act of Kindness Captured, Shared and Loved by All

Consider this Sunny Sweeney’s good girl phase.

The “Bad Girl Phase” singer was in the Las Vegas airport on Saturday (Oct. 4) when she saw a young soldier, Michael Barth, getting ready to board his plane. What she saw next was a random act of kindness she was moved to capture and share with the world.

Someone walked up to Barth, thanked him and prayed with him.

“I watched this whole thing go down in an airport and felt like sharing it with you,” Sweeney wrote when she posted the photo on social media . “This young military man, Michael (full name was on his backpack) was standing here about to board a plane, and a random man walked up and said, ’Thank you for your service.’ Then asked if he could pray for his safety.

“I started crying, of course, just watching this nice end to a crappy day unfold on my 16-hour cross-country flight, but Americans never cease to amaze me. Beautiful. I would love for this picture to find its way to the man pictured here in uniform to show how many people are praying for you and wishing you good thoughts and safe travels.”

The photo Sweeney shared that day now almost 700,000 shares and more than 1 million likes. And just like she’d hoped, it found its way to Barth.

“It was awesome that you took this picture,” he wrote to Sweeney. “I honestly am a huge country music fan! I didn’t realize who you were! I’ll always remember you as the really nice lady at the airport.”

After that, Sweeney went back online to explain why the moment in the airport hit so close to home for her.

“I’m married to an active duty police officer and an Air Force veteran, so I just wanted to say thank you,” she says in her follow-up video.

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