Blake Shelton Shares His Most Important Marriage Secret

Why I Know He Tweets the Truth

I’m sure you heard about Blake Shelton’s recent angry tweet.

He has tweeted something like 17,000 times, but this one from Friday (Oct. 3) really stood out. Mostly because he sounded mad. And Shelton is a lot of things, but being a pissed-off tweeter is not one of them.

Here’s what he wrote — obviously in response to some scandalous fictitious gossip story — that has now been retweeted close to 5,000 times:

“Maybe because the divorce rate is so high, the tabloids have just decided to play the odds with me and Miranda. Morons.”

And I know Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert are indeed happily married because he told CMT’s Cody Alan the secret to every happy marriage.

“I’ve learned that being patient truly pays off,” he told Alan when they sat down to talk about his new album, Bringing Back the Sunshine. “Being patient isn’t just being like, ’Let her be upset for a minute and don’t freak out.’ Just being patient has made our relationship awesome.

“It’s not like I’m submitting. It’s like you finally get into that groove of like, ’She’s happy and I’m happy,’ and it works out.”

Happy wife, happy life, then? If Shelton understands that, then I think the rumor mills can probably just shut down now.

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