Is Nashville Getting Too Real?

Where's the Scandal, the Sex, the Drama We Know and Love?

Maddie wore cutoffs? That’s the most scandalous thing Nashville could do on Wednesday night (Oct. 8)? Sorry. That’s just not the drama I’ve come to expect from my favorite show on television right now.

Rayna and Deacon’s daughter Maddie is a teenager now, and I get that they need to work that standard-issue rebellion into the plots somehow. But the fact that her short shorts led to one sip of alcohol and then a little cavorting with a guy she barely knew at a party hardly seems like it fits the over-the-top nature of the show.

It’s making me wonder if the fictional Nashville is getting a little bit too much like the actual Nashville.

Think about it. Avery had some teardrops on his guitar over Juliette (“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”), Rayna and Luke bickered over the wedding date, Deacon made out with Pam (a backup singer in the band), Juliette threw up a lot, Zoey got jealous of Gunnar’s ex (his first love), Luke got a new tattoo, Sadie was thrilled to get to know Rayna and Will started talking a little more openly about his sexuality when he told his wife, “I may be gay, but you are insane.”

But that does lead me to the one potential hint at some serious drama that’s going to unfold down the road.

It’s with Layla and Jeff.

Jeff has basically told Layla she’s going nowhere and her reality show is the best she’ll ever do.

But then she has this blessed epiphany that she’s got power over Jeff because she knows Will is gay. And she lords that over him like the bitch she is.

“Just wanted to follow up about our little chat,” she says. “I thought it was a little lopsided. I’m not a washed-up singer. And Will is no ordinary husband. My next record is gonna go gold, and you’re gonna make it happen. Because if you don’t, your little cash cow, the cowboy, is gonna be outed by his wife.”

That’s exactly the kind of unreal I needed.

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