Carrie Underwood’s “Baby Gift” to the CMA Awards

Cue the Laughter as Brad Paisley Prepares Pregnancy Jokes

Sometimes, the best jokes are the ones you didn’t plan. And nobody appreciates those jokes more than David Wild, the head writer for the CMA Awards.

Carrie (Underwood) once again provided a huge spark for us by getting knocked up,” Wild told The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville . “She gave us the greatest baby gift of all, so I think (the content) will be a balance of how much we want to go there versus what she’ll put up with.”

Leading up to the Nov. 5 show, Wild will meet with the show’s producer — plus co-hosts Brad Paisley and Underwood — for brainstorming sessions and to go over hundreds of potential jokes.

Not all of those jokes make it to the show, obviously, and the team sounds like they are careful about which artists they think will laugh along with them and which ones won’t. Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw, George Strait and Keith Urban all made Paisley’s list of people who can take a joke.

After making a joke about Urban sexting, Paisley realized he was in an interactive situation.

“I kept getting lewd sexts from Keith Urban,” Paisley said. “He kept saying, ’What time? Where are we going? Hey sexy, what’s up?’ Just being goofy.”

Now that Paisley and Underwood are old pros — tackling the hosting gig for the seventh time — they now admit their first performance wasn’t perfect.

“It wasn’t bad,” Paisley said of their maiden voyage as CMA Awards hosts in 2008. “It just wasn’t what we are now. We’re not the type to give up until we figure it out.”

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