Why Jason Aldean Doesn’t Cover Prince

There Will Be No "Purple Rain" At His Wedding, Either

When Jason Aldean was on the Today show this week to promote his new album Old Boots, New Dirt, he definitely talked about where his old boots have taken him and what kind of new dirt he’d be covering down the road.

But he also talked about the dirt he had covered when he was just getting started.

And on this little trip down memory lane, Aldean recalled a great story from when he was still kind of a kid playing at a bar in Alabama.

“I started playing bars and nightclubs when I was 14 years old,” he said. “I was probably 19 or 20 when this happened. We were playing a club in Alabama, and every time I would finish a song, the club owner would come up and want me to play ’Purple Rain.’ After a while, he was annihilated. He’d been drinking — obviously — all day, and finally I’d just had enough. I was like, ’Dude, I don’t know “Purple Rain.” Stop talking to me.’ We got fired from the club.”

And now?

“To this day, I’ve never played ’Purple Rain,'” Aldean admitted.

The whole topic of Prince came up when Aldean was asked about the entertainment he was going to have at his upcoming wedding. (No date has been set, and Prince has not been hired.)

And even though this will be Aldean’s second marriage, it sounds like he wants his bride to have the big whole-nine-yards wedding experience.

“It’s all good. We’re excited. We’re happy,” he said of his recent engagement to Brittany Kerr. “It’s obviously gonna be her first wedding, so she wants the whole big deal. She absolutely should.”

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