The Long Liners of Florida Georgia Line

Brian Kelley Calls Wife His Muse

If you bought Florida Georgia Line’s brand new album Anything Goes, and you’re planning on reading through the liners notes to see who they thanked, you might want to prepare yourself. Go get a cup of coffee. Maybe a glass of wine or two. Because this is going to take a while.

The country duo’s gratitude is so vast and so thorough that it’s divided into three sections. One for Brian Kelley’s thanks, one for Tyler Hubbard’s thanks and one for all the shout-outs the band needs to give to partners and sponsors.

Honestly, just reading and reflecting on Kelley’s long list of supporters and encouragers took me two cups of coffee. And ultimately, my takeaway is this: Kelley loves the music, the music business and the fans, but his family and God are his true blessings.

Kelley thanks his mom, dad and sister Katherine, telling them that, “I am the man I am today no doubt because of the Good Lord and you three.” It also sounds like he’s on the verge of buying his dad a Cadillac and is willing to put it in writing. “Dad, promise ya, that Escalade is still coming, don’t you worry.”

Then he turns his attention to his new bride Brittney.

“You make me better every day. Thank you for loving me so damn good,” he tells her. “Thank you for listening to this record 1 million times with me. You are all over it. You’re my muse. Thank you for living on the road with me and making this our dream. You are everything to me. Let’s give Johnny and June a run for their money.”

Then he has some poignant words for Hubbard, the “Georgia” in Florida Georgia Line.

“We are doing it man, really doing it,” Kelley says. “Just like we dreamed years ago writing songs on the tailgate of your old Dodge.”