Kelly Clarkson: Aunt Miranda, Uncle Blake 4 the Win!

Gibson Looks Good on Pop Singer's Baby, River Rose

Technically, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are no relation to Kelly Clarkson. But for the sake of her tweet, I get what she’s trying to do. And I’m cool with it.

“Aunt @mirandalambert & Uncle @blakeshelton 4 the win! She is destined 2 b a Country/Rock legend with this! Thnx guys,” Clarkson tweeted on Tuesday (Oct. 14) , after her 4-month-old baby girl River Rose received a Gibson acoustic guitar from her famous friends. Shelton is managed by River’s father (and Clarkson’s husband) Brandon Blackstock.

That tweet has been favorited almost 5,000 times.

And here’s why: the photo Clarkson tweeted has all the elements to take it from cute to off-the-charts adorable.

1. River Rose’s sing-songy name is in gigantic gold letters down the neck of the guitar.
2. The guitar case is open on the couch, and River Rose is nestled down inside the case.
3. Her fat little baby arm appears to be propping her up beside the guitar.
4. The guitar is easily three times the size of River Rose.
5. She’s all dressed up for the photo shoot, from her cozy socks to her lacy headband.

I just can’t wait for the day when River Rose can sit up and hold that Gibson in her arms.