Now It’s Tyler Hubbard’s Turn for Thanks

Florida Georgia Line Singer Says "Let's Get Personal"

Tyler Hubbard may be a lot of things, but lazy isn’t one of them.

He admits, right from the get-go, he is not going to pull the you-know-who-you-are card in the thank you notes of Florida Georgia Line’s new album, Anything Goes. Rather, he is going to name names.

“I could just thank the Lord for blessing us beyond our wildest imagination and all the people in my life,” Hubbard says. But then, he decides to make it more meaningful than that. “Let’s get personal,” he writes.

He puts his mom first, telling her he appreciates her support even when he didn’t have a plan B.

Then his late father for being an inspiration and for “teaching me so much about life, love and work ethic in the 20 years we spent together.”

Then his team — the ones he calls the game changers — who believed in the duo early on.

And then his fiancee, Hayley Stommel.

“I want to give a special thanks to my amazing girl for all the love and support over the last year,” he wrote. “You make this awesome life even better. With every bus ride, flight, show, meet-and-greet, interview, phoner or even days off, I realize more and more how thankful I am for the sacrifice you’ve made and the willingness to walk beside me every step of the way. I love you, angel.”

It doesn’t end with Stommel, though. Hubbard goes on and on and on thanking friends who knew him “before” — the songwriters, their producer, their publicist, their stylist and the label bosses.

To them, Hubbard simply says, “Thanks for taking us from two rednecks that could barely pay the bills to two rednecks that can now pick up the bill at Strip Steak.”