Trisha Yearwood Is a Nashville Fan

She Relates to Rayna and Luke

How does Trisha Yearwood spend her Wednesday nights? It sounds like she watches Nashville — just like the rest of us.

But for Yearwood, the show sounds like it hits very close to home.

Think about it. She and the show’s leading lady and fictional country star Rayna James have so much in common. They both thrived in the ’90s. They are both pining for the days when female singers were holding the door open for other female singers. They both have gorgeous hair. They both spend a lot of time in their gourmet kitchens. And they both are in love with powerhouse country superstar singers.

In Rayna’s case, it’s Luke Wheeler. (Ruke, as the couple’s been dubbed.)

In Yearwood’s case, it’s Garth Brooks. (Trarth? Gisha?)

Anyway, for all those reasons and more, the show feels really real to her.

“I really identify with Rayna being her age,” Yearwood recently told ABC News Radio . “I mean, I’m older than her, but I kind of identify with that character a lot and just the things she goes through and how the odds are kind of against her and all that.”

As for Rayna’s love affair with Luke, who has children from a previous marriage, Yearwood thinks the plotline sounds familiar, too.

“The thing with her and Luke, a little bit of it is like, ’I know it’s not about us, but … it’s interesting,” she said.