Miranda Lambert’s B&B Ready for Your R&R

My Worlds Are Colliding

So here I am, planning college visits with my son all over the country with the routing savvy of an entry-level tour manager when, all the sudden, up pops the Ladysmith on my hotel search. It’s Miranda Lambert’s bed and breakfast in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. And, just like that, my road trip starts turning into some kind of country music appreciation trip.

And after spending a little too much time examining the photo gallery of the renovated 113-year-old building, I have a feeling that if and when I do visit the Ladysmith, it will be the kind of place that the photos on the website just don’t do justice.

Every single detail looks like it has Lambert’s touch. There are vintage things, re-purposed things. One of the rooms has a headboard made out of the tailgate of a Chevrolet pickup truck, for example. The website says the whole place is “shabby chic meets rock ’n’ roll.”

Plus, when you check in, you get fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. And each morning, you get a homemade breakfast in the 2nds Please dining hall.

Even the names of the rooms are so her — the Judge, Knaughty Pine, Flutterby, After Midnight, the Sun Never Sets, Laci Jill, Curtain Call and Working Man Blues.

As it turns out, my son and I won’t be able to check in to the Ladysmith on our journey because it’s only open to the 21-and-over crowd.

So far, there are only a few reviews on TripAdvisor — “breakfast was to die for,” “in love,” “Blake and Miranda happened to be in town and had drinks with us on the balcony overlooking Main St.” But if you go, please let me know what you think.