Alan Jackson Digs Brandy Clark Song

"In Some Corner" So Good, He Invited Her on Tour

Alan Jackson is celebrating his 25th anniversary with some good country music. Some is his and some is from Brandy Clark.

According to People magazine , Jackson loves Clark’s songwriting. One song, in particular. In fact, he thought seriously about recording “In Some Corner,” a track on her 12 Stories album.

“I really studied it,” Jackson said.

Ultimately, it didn’t work because he is a man, and even if you changed genders in the lyrics, it just wouldn’t be the same.

“It’s written from a girl’s perspective, and I couldn’t figure out a clean way to make it come from a guy,” he said of Clark’s song. “She’s really a talented singer. She sounds new and old at the same time.”

That’s high praise from the man who has been making country music for two and a-half decades. So when his tour kicks off on Jan. 8 in Florida, he’ll be bringing Clark — who is nominated for a CMA award for new artist of the year — and Jon Pardi to open the shows.

“Once your career takes off, if you’re lucky like I was, it just feels like it goes from nothing to everything overnight,” he said. “It goes so fast, it’s hard to absorb it all, to even appreciate it as much as you should while it’s happening. Golly, I’ve played for four presidents and been to just about everywhere in the world. I’ve played in crummy little bars and big arenas and everything in between. I’ve been lucky to have a career that has lasted that long.”

That longevity is something he’ll never be ashamed of.

“Some people don’t like to talk about how many years they’ve been around,” he said. “It makes them feel old. I’m proud of it and glad to do it.”