Miranda Lambert’s Not 100 Percent Badass

There's a Soft Side Behind the Tough Girl

Yes, BuzzFeed, I agree. Miranda Lambert is indeed a “seriously badass role model,” as you’ve dubbed her.

Your 21 reasons, though, are not really enough to completely define who Lambert is.

Beyond the tough-girl-from-Texas thing she has going on most of the time, Lambert can also be pretty damn loving and kind. It’s like she’s as much of a sweet role model as she is a badass role model.

For example, did you see her when she cried singing to that little girl in Texas who is battling cancer?

Did you see her hold hands with her hubs Blake Shelton when they sang “America the Beautiful” to kick off the pre-game festivities for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis back in 2012?

Do you see how supportive she is of Team Blake‘s contestants on The Voice? Like, super, super supportive. It’s very cheerleader-like.

Have you noticed the way that Lambert stays off Twitter even when I’m sure she’s got a lot she’d like to say to the haters? She seems to be living proof that if you don’t have something nice to tweet, then don’t tweet anything at all.

Did you know she sings at her friends’ weddings? Lambert sang “I Hope You’re the End of My Story” for her pal Ashley Monroe when she walked down the aisle.

Or what about the way Lambert gives shout-outs to her dad on Twitter?

Being her daddy’s little girl is beyond adorable, even at 30 years old.

Then there’s her work with MuttNation and Cause for Paws. Lambert’s got a big heart for little rescue dogs.

And lastly, when Lambert is home in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, she’s just normal. There’s nothing badass about her. She makes corn casseroles, floats the river and goes to the Dairy Queen on Main Street. And really, how badass can you be when you’re enjoying an ice cream cone?

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