The Mother of All Nashvilles

Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters Play Big Roles

I was this close to wanting to nominate Rayna for mother of the year after all her heartfelt talks with her daughters on Wednesday’s (Oct. 22) episode of Nashville. But then, at the end, when Rayna started boo-hooing about Maddie getting her hair done while she was out of town, I quickly withdrew my virtual nomination.

I mean, Rayna cannot expect to have it all, right? What working mother can? If you choose to work and be on the road — like Rayna is on her tour — then something’s gotta give. So when she got mad at Teddy for taking Maddie to get some blond highlights in her hair — which, let’s face it, she desperately needed — I had to kind of side with Teddy. He told his ex, “Rayna, you’re not here, OK? And you’re gonna miss out on some of these things.”

Before that, though, Rayna really did some outstanding mothering to Daphne, who was starting to act out and told her mom she sucked after she’d flown the girls to Idaho on a private plane. (Which did not look like it sucked.) And to Maddie, who was suffering from low teenage self-esteem (times a hundred) because the paparazzi had been capturing her every plain-Jane move.

Juliette, on the other hand, is in the hospital every five minutes because of some pregnancy-related ailment. Motherhood just ain’t her color.

Yet slowly but surely, everyone is finding out about her not-so-secret baby. Juliette texted Avery about it, then he shouted it from the mountaintops. Plus Zoey overheard her talking about it to Emily. So sooner or later, everyone will know.

Elsewhere on the show, Deacon showed some of the best of his paternal instincts when he tried to help Will out of the bad situation with some Craigslist gay bashers.

“Live and let live,” Deacon said, after telling Will to see the tour doctor and put some makeup on his bruises. “Like I said, not my business. But if you need to talk or anything.”

And in other unexpected parenting news, Gunnar just found out he is the father of the applesauce-and-french-fry loving 9-year-old Micah. That’s going to cause some tension between him and Zoey, for sure. Well, that and the fact that Zoey tried to steal the spotlight from Juliette.