Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Wins

Q&A Quizzes Band on Differences

This was not an adversarial kind of Q&A. But when you put Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard in the same room and ask them both the same questions , one of them is bound to come out looking better.

And this time, it’s Kelley. To me, anyway. Listen to the kind of man he is:

He’s the one most likely to wake and bake.

He voted for himself being the better contender in a game of beer pong.

He isn’t likely to do a juice cleanse.

He has three dogs.

He sings in the shower, where I’m guessing he is the only frontman.

Kelley also admits he is the one in the duo who will probably blow a paycheck on an outfit.

And be the one to send text messages full of emojis.

“My favorite is the one with hearts for eyes,” he said. “I’ll send that one to my wife, like, ’Baby, I’m comin’ home.”

And, because he’s kind of a pro, Kelley shares the secret to the perfect selfie.

“Long arms, angle, lighting, tap-to-focus and passion,” he revealed.

Then in another recent story, in People magazine , Kelley shows off the kind of house I wish I could build someday. The screened-in front porch alone — with little white lights all over the ceiling and a repurposed snakeskin — make me want to hang out with Kelley and his wife in their 32-acre hilltop retreat. (Plus, I saw a Capri Blue candle on their counter, so I know it would smell good, too.)

But don’t get me wrong. Hubbard sounds like a good time, too. He says he’s the one most likely to start a family first and splurge on jewelry.

“Belt buckles, chains, rings — gotta have a little bling,” Hubbard said.