Which Miranda Lambert Song Would You Spend the Night In?

How Her B&B Is Like an Eight-Track Album

“Every room has its own character, its message to say. I feel like that’s how my albums are.”

That’s how Miranda Lambert compared the Ladysmith, her bed-and-breakfast in her small town of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, to the way she makes music.

And I guess that makes sense. Unless you analyze her words way too much, like I do and start to wonder which room is which song.

Is there a room that would give off the same vibe as, say, her “Somethin’ Bad”? Because I would never want to stay in that one. Unless there really was cash underneath the mattress.

Or what about Lambert’s very first major hit from her debut album, “Kerosene.” Would that room have a bed soaked in a combustible fluid?

If I had to pick a room based on a Lambert song, I think I’d prefer one themed like Lambert’s “Heart Like Mine.” Because then at least I know there’d be some wine. And quite possibly, some Jesus.

“The House That Built Me” would make for some nice decor, too. It would probably be the back bedroom and would’ve been inspired by photos her mom cut out from Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

But the room I’d book right this minute — if there was such a room — would be the one designed around her “Airstream Song” off her 2009 Revolution album. There would be homemade curtains on the windows, and you could live just like a gypsy.

As for the Ladysmith name of the bed-and-breakfast, it came from the fine folks at Smith & Wesson.

“I wanted elegant and classy, with an old-world feel to it,” she said. “Ladysmith felt kind of right. I didn’t plan on naming it after a gun.”