No Red Solo Cups for Lee Ann Womack

"It's Not Kids' Music," She Says

I’ve always loved Lee Ann Womack’s attitude, and I admire it even more because of one sentence from a feature story in the latest issue of the Nashville Scene.

In describing the music on her new album The Way I’m Livin’, she said, “I don’t drink out of Solo cups, I guess, is what I’m saying.”

I get that, and I’m right there with her. When I want a drink, I want a drink. In a glass.

And while I know Womack was probably using the Solo cup reference semi-metaphorically, to make the point that she’s grown up since her debut single “Never Again, Again” in 1997, I still think she’s on to something.

“It’s not kids’ music, you know? And it’s not me trying to be a kid, either. It’s me dealing with issues grownups deal with. I don’t drink out of paper cups anymore. I used to. I had my share of that. But not anymore,” she added.

Then again, it sounds like Womack knows she’s never been the kind of singer who leans on Friday night party anthems anyway.

“From the time I was a little girl, I was drawn to Vern Gosdin over what my friends were listening to or even Tammy Wynette,” she explains. “I heard something in their voices and in their lyrics and in steel guitar and fiddles that resonated with me.”

Throughout her career, though, Womack has done sassy (“I’ll Think of a Reason Later”), boozy (“I May Hate Myself in the Morning” ), lonesome drinking (“Solitary Thinkin'” ) and booty calls (“Last Call” ). But she’s always done it her way.

So when you listen to Womack’s albums — all the great old ones or this great new one — it’s probably a good idea to make yourself a drink. But just make sure you swap out your red Solo cup for a double old-fashioned.