Nashville Has the Whole World Hooked

Teen Drinking, Bed Rest and CMAs Bring Viewers Together

In a cab in (the real) Nashville on Wednesday (Oct. 29) heading to the airport, I was telling a friend on the phone that my plane would land just in time for me to get home to watch this week’s episode of (the fictitious) Nashville.

As soon as I hung up, my 70-year-old cab driver said, “Do you think tonight’s the night? That Rayna and Deacon realize they belong together? And I tell you what, that Avery better come to his senses and do the right thing about Juliette’s baby.”

This man and I probably have very little in common. But that’s the power of Nashville. It brings people together.

My cab driver was only half right with his predictions, though. Avery did come to his senses and went to see Juliette in the hospital after her pulmonary embolism. Their relationship is certainly no piece of cake, but ultimately, Avery told her, “I can’t keep punishing you. Not if we’re gonna raise our baby together. I forgive you, but I don’t trust you. Whether or not I get to be this baby’s father is not your choice.”

Juliette is on bed rest now, had to cancel her tour (which made it easy for her to fire Zoey) and can only work on her Patsy Cline film.

In other baby news, Layla was being a huge baby, and Deacon was being an even bigger baby.

But my cab driver’s high hopes for Rayna and Deacon? Well, we’re just not there. Yet.

But I have my own prediction. After Rayna got six CMA nominations and her fiance Luke got five, she was furious that Good Morning America’s Amy Robach theorized that Rukemania was the cause for those 11 nominations.

“I earned this,” she said. “And I think it could really damage my credibility.”

Luke didn’t quite share Rayna’s anger, and I think/hope that will come between them.

And while everyone was busy with CMA campaigning and hospital visits, Maddie had a drinking party at her house and almost made out with her future stepbrother, Luke’s son Colt. That happened because Rayna was on tour and Teddy was skinny dipping with a hooker. (In his defense, he didn’t know she was a hooker when he started hanging out with her.)

Elsewhere in Music City, Scarlett lovingly pestered the homeless blues singer. And Gunnar spent time with his son, making his ex-girlfriend’s departure for Tulsa way more complicated.

The highlight of the episode for me, though, was the moment in Rayna’s kitchen, after all the drunk teenagers had gone home, when Deacon, Teddy and Luke argue like drunk teenagers over who was to blame for Maddie’s screw-up.

Rayna gives Maddie the bad news that they are going to have to hire a nanny because she can’t be trusted. Who else hopes the nanny ends up being Teddy’s hooker Natasha?

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.