Keith Urban Walks the Walk

Nicole Kidman Says Her Husband Is a Good Man

Nicole Kidman lost her father Dr. Anthony Kidman last month, and throughout her mourning, it sounds like one of her biggest comforts has been her husband, Keith Urban.

In a recent interview on NBC’s Today , Kidman talked about how much she’s relied on Urban in the past weeks and how she can define both her husband and her late father with just two words.

“Keith and my dad — good men,” Kidman said.

“I lost my father, which was a devastating thing for my family and myself right now,” she added.

And as for why she considers Urban to be a good man and worthy of the comparison to her father, Kidman said, “You know, to protect his family and take care of himself but take care of his daughters. And walk the walk, if that makes sense. Not just talk the talk.”

Kidman added that in addition to relying on Urban for support, she also counts on her faith to get her through this painful loss.

“I’m lucky to have a rock of a husband and a strong faith,” she said. “I have both those things.”

One of the silver linings in Kidman’s cloud right now is her peaceful life in Nashville with Urban and their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Calling their home life in Tennessee something that happened “in a huge way,” Kidman hopes other people who are suffering can know that same comfort.

“I think that for anyone that’s in pain now or hurting, it’s always good to hear other stories of people that go, ’It’s going to be OK,'” she said.

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