Tim McGraw Lives “Such a Normal Life”

Grocery Runs and Car Pools Help Him Catch His Breath

Don’t you always wonder if country artists actually live out their songs? I mean, I know enough not to take all the lyrics literally. But then when a song like Tim McGraw’s “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” comes along, I think maybe there’s a chance that that really is his life.

In an interview with the Academy of Country Music’s Tempo magazine, McGraw says the simple life he sings about in that tune is very similar to his everyday life in Tennessee.

“That’s what my home is for me. We live such a normal life when we’re at home,” McGraw said of the day to day with his wife Faith Hill and their three daughters. “I love playing live and playing concerts and doing the stuff that I do, but everything I do is driven to get me home, to get me back to where I’m comfortable and to get me back into my world with my kids and going to the football games on Friday nights and picking kids up and dropping them off and going to the grocery store. Those sort of things. …

“That’s where you catch your breath. That’s where you recharge you batteries. That’s where you get your strength to go slay the dragons, I guess.”

I want to believe McGraw does all that although it’s pretty hard to picture him actually going to the grocery store. But he swears he does. Two or three times a week. And he says he doesn’t get swamped by fans because he’s lived in the same spot for so long.

“We are Gracie and Maggie and Audrey’s parents really when we’re here,” he says. “They’re way more famous than we are in this area.”