Carrie Underwood’s Spooktacular Halloween Plans

She'll Be Dressing Up as Herself While Watching Scary Movies

There probably won’t be a shortage of Carrie Underwood costumes out and about on Halloween, and even she has big plans to dress up — as Carrie Underwood.

More specifically, as a “pregnant lady curled up on the couch watching scary movies in her PJs.”

That was the chuckle-worthy tweet she sent out Friday morning (Oct. 31) as she announced her itinerary and wished her fans a happy Halloween.

The mommy-to-be deserves a little bit of rest and relaxation, but I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see her planning such a chill day on this chiller of a holiday. After all, Underwood is a big fan of all things scary, macabre and even Zombie-fied.

Remember, she might just be one of the biggest fans of the wildly popular TV show The Walking Dead. Earlier this year, she couldn’t resist tweeting about her big moment meeting the show’s star Norman Reedus and even joked to Marie Claire magazine she’d love to make a cameo appearance on the show as a zombie.

A cameo on the show wouldn’t be for the faint of heart, but apparently Underwood is well-equipped to handle it. Don’t believe me? Just ask her hubby Mike Fisher, who confessed to The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville that his wife is great with horror movies and “grew up on them.” The Nashville Predators star admits when it comes to her love for scary films, “She likes as gory as it gets and all that stuff.”

And lest we all forget, the music video to her smash “Two Black Cadillacs” was an admitted homage to one of her favorite authors, horror mastermind Stephen King and his creepy tale, Christine.

So no need to prove your love for Halloween this year by dressing up and making a big spectacle for all of us, Carrie. Go right ahead and enjoy your scary movie marathon with some Halloween candy. Save your energy for next week when you’ll be getting glammed up to host the 48th annual CMA Awards with your buddy Brad Paisley.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.