Brad Paisley’s Politics Are Spicy

Is "The State of Texas" a Hit in Crazy Austin?

“Probably not.” By far, the best two words of Brad Paisley’s recent appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart .

He’d done “The State of Texas,” a country song about the hottest political issues Texas is facing right now (all of them), and by the end of the song, the show’s correspondent and song collaborator Jason Jones asked Paisley if he’d see him at the CMAs. That’s when Paisley told him no.

I’m assuming that’s because Paisley just doesn’t see Jones as having any kind of future in country music. He looks very nice in his cowboy hat, sure. But he cannot sing at all, and he doesn’t even understand that Texas isn’t country’s only roots.

But Paisley’s a nice guy, so he performs the entire political parody song like a good sport.

It starts with Jones interviewing people on the streets of Austin, getting their points of view on what matters the most right now in Texas.

Some say immigration. Others say guns. Another says gay rights. And so on. Then one healthcare worker tells Jones the biggest issue is how to care for Ebola patients. She tells him, “This is probably the world’s worst country song.”

“Or the world’s best country song,” Jones says.

I have to agree with Jones on that. The topic does make for some great country music. Although that could just be because of Paisley, the steel guitar and all the classic rhymes: portions/abortions, hola/Ebola, awesome/Austin.

Listen for yourself, or just read the lyrics and you’ll see what I mean.

“The State of Texas”

Well, Texas is the Lonestar state, six flags are flown above her
It’s big in size and big in heart, and that’s why people love her
Our politics is spicy, and it’s served in heaping portions
From the blazing guns to Mexicans to healthcare and abortions
From the derricks of Port Arthur to the deserts of El Paso
We got more angry beefs than any cattlemen can lasso
With feuds among all parties, races, classes, creeds and sexes
The state of the union is the state of Texas
Here in Texas, “pro-choice” means you get to choose which guns you’d like carry
Which member of the other sex that you’d like to marry
When teachers tell kids, “Howdy,” nearly half of them say, “Hola”
We’re the state that’s got it all, hell, now we’ve even got Ebola
From election to election, every town down here is awesome
But by the far the best is absolutely batshit crazy Austin
Just name and national issue. and you’ll find our state’s the nexus
But when it comes to messes, don’t mess with Texas