Dressing Carrie Underwood’s Baby Bump

Will She Be in Style Purgatory at CMA Awards?

You know what they say about second-trimester style. Nothing. They say nothing because there is no such thing. And that may make Carrie Underwood’s CMA Awards wardrobe a little tricky.

I’ve been through three second trimesters, and I speak from experience when I say you have absolutely nothing to wear. You are way too little for maternity clothes and way too big for regular clothes. Hence, style purgatory.

Even those tight-all-over, body-con dresses meant to flaunt it don’t really work when your belly looks less like you have a baby inside and more like you were just overserved at Chipotle.

What makes this even worse for someone as slim as Underwood is that it may be a while before she actually looks obviously pregnant. So even that genius belly band contraption would probably do her no good at this point.

I’m sure Underwood will have a team of people devoted to pulling looks that make the most of her changing body on Wednesday night (Nov. 5). Maybe there will be some loose tunics, some Empire-waist dresses or even some high-waisted skirts that will make me rethink the whole idea of this ugly in-between place.

Come to think of it, if anyone can make a second trimester look stunning, it will be Underwood.