Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Fake Their Southern Hospitality

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Reluctant Welcome at Their Home

You’d think Jimmy Kimmel would stay at some swanky hotel in Nashville like the Hutton or the Hermitage. Or just somewhere he could get some privacy or a bathtub full of rose petals if he wanted it.

But Kimmel seems to think an overnight at Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s house would be the better accommodations.

After Wednesday night’s (Nov. 5) CMA Awards , the Jimmy Kimmel Live show was all about his recent trip to Music City with his sidekick/assistant/pal Guillermo.

Kimmel explained his reasoning before showing the video of the unlikely slumber party.

“For those who don’t know, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are the Beyoncé and Jay Z of country music, and they’re very nice,” he said. “They’ve very welcoming people. Which is why I knew that when I went to Nashville, I wouldn’t need to get a hotel because they’d want me to stay with them. It’s called Southern hospitality.”

But when Kimmel gets to the McGraw/Hill home, unannounced, you can see how reluctant they are to let him in. Then it just goes from bad to worse.

He is the neediest house guest I’m sure they’ve ever let into their home. (A home that is drop dead gorgeous, by the way. Like, carrara marble-walls-in-the-kitchen gorgeous. But still very homey and cozy, too.)

Here are a few of Kimmel’s demands:

No gluten

No processed foods


No nuts

Seven to 11 meals a day

Goodnight lullabies

Goodnight kisses

Justin Bieber pillows and blankets

And time to look through all of the family’s scrapbooks

The whole thing is pretty funny, even to McGraw, who has to put his head down a few times throughout the video to hide his still-so-obvious laughter.

For me, though, the highlight is seeing Guillermo assessing the kitchen and saying, “I like it. I love it. I want some more of it.”

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