Garth Brooks’ First 24 Hours on Twitter: 45 Followers Every 60 Seconds

Brad Paisley Among the First to Welcome Him

First, there was that parking lot selfie that started it all. It just had a photo of Garth Brooks, in his black cowboy hat, and it said simply, “#GarthSelfie — love, g.”

That was on Tuesday morning (Nov. 11) morning. By Wednesday afternoon, he had amassed almost 69,000 followers (that means he got about 45 followers every minute), he’d sent out 38 tweets, he’d favorited 11 tweets from his fans and had followed nine people. Among the lucky handful? Trisha Yearwood, Robin Roberts, Brad Paisley, Chris Pratt and more.

He’d posted a video early Wednesday, too, announcing he had embraced the social media.

“I wanna hear from you. Let’s talk,” he said in his first Twitter video.

And one of the first virtual conversations he had was with Brad Paisley.

“Hey @garthbrooks you’re on Twitter! Welcome! It’s a new thing that started while you were gone. People are ALWAYS nice on here. You’ll see,” Paisley sarcastically warned him.

Brooks’ reply?

“@BradPaisley you mean this place is full of people loving people??? Love, g.”

Brooks also did a video Q&A with a handful of fans on Twitter. But not all the questions were about his new music and new album Man Against Machine. When one fan asked him what his favorite Yearwood culinary dish was, he didn’t even need to think about it. Mashed potatoes, he said, adding that because they had no bones and no peeling was required, “you can eat with reckless abandon and not worry about getting choked.”

After all that, Brooks popped up for a surprise happy hour listening party at a tiny standing-room-only venue in San Francisco, using Twitter to announce it.

“I am on my way to @indysf come meet me and listen to some #ManAgainstMachine -love, g.”

So to recap, Brooks answered random personal questions, tweeted celebs, took selfies, announced a show and made up a bunch of new hashtags. I’d say Brooks has got the hang of this.