Juliette Barnes to Release “Hormonal Headcase” Single

Prenatal Blues Is Probably Working Title of Album

If you can pour your heart into a country song, why not your hormones?

That was what Rayna kind of suggested to Juliette on Wednesday’s (Nov. 12) episode of Nashville and, man, did it work. Because not only did Juliette end up writing a really soulful ballad of her illegitimate baby struggles, but she also managed to win Avery back.

But first, there was her hormonal headcase meltdown when she went storming into Rayna’s office to demand feedback on the songs she’d submitted. Rayna’s feedback? It was not Juliette’s best work.

“It’s like I’m just this vessel — which really hurts, you know — and I’ve been trying to shove it down, and I’ve been trying to stay positive,” she unloads to Rayna. “And then I just start thinking about how much (Avery) frickin’ hates me, and then that makes me cry, and then I get pissed off, and that makes me cry.”

Rayna tells Juliette to write songs about that, then. It’s too bad Rayna can’t take her own advice and write about the emotional burden she’s got going on. Namely, a fiance who’s turning into a narcissistic baby.

After a tug of war between a magazine reporter and the executive in charge of wedding cake, Luke storms outside like a 5-year-old who isn’t getting his way.

“Do you realize we haven’t had a single second alone? I mean, in two months, we haven’t so much as held hands? Dammit, Rayna,” Luke tells her.

Am I the only one who thinks that if the tables were turned — and Luke had the chance to be on the cover of a magazine — having a needy reporter invade their home life would be just fine?

Things went from bad to worse when that reporter — and Rayna and Luke — caught their kids making out with each other. Rayna had to tell Maddie the painfully obvious news that that was inappropriate because “in a couple of weeks, he’s gonna be your stepbrother.”

Which, by the way, would also make for a great country song.

So in order to make things right, Rayna begs the reporter to leave that make-out session out of the story in exchange for the truth about her and Deacon.

In other news, Gunnar is now a single dad, Layla and Will are stuck together because their reality show is a hit, and Scarlett’s busier than ever because Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood want some of her songs. And I predict her homeless co-writer Terry is about to get very rich off of one of their collaborations called “Carry On.