Luke Bryan 1, Whitetail 0

Country Star's Bow Hunting Win

This is one way to celebrate your big CMA entertainer of the year award — with a whitetail deer about twice your size.

That’s what Luke Bryan and his bow hunted down in Illinois, and from the looks of the photo, he’s thrilled.

His face is painted black, and he’s in head-to-toe camouflage, but there’s no concealing that famous grin.

He hasn’t tweeted about it yet. I’m sure he’s got his hands full with the buck that appears to be somewhere around 300 pounds. But the people involved with the Buck Commander series on the Outdoor Channel made the social media rounds shortly after the hunt.

“Luke Bryan with his first whitetail of the year with his bow!!! Congrats on a stud IL buck,” the show said on facebook.

I hope that hunting trip is the kickoff to a long couple of months of R&R for the hardworking country man. He doesn’t have a show scheduled until late January, so maybe this will be Bryan’s time to spend the holidays with his two sons Bo and Tate and that wife he obviously loves very much.