Seven Essentials Inside a Little Big Town Bag

Sometimes It's What's Inside That Counts

Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild is not very good at keeping secrets. She is an open book. So whether she’s wearing sequins or a vintage Ramones T-shirt, she seems more than willing to share her fashion obsession with the world. And by world, I mean her 11,000 Instagram followers.
But for as many times as I’ve scrolled through her photos and lusted after whatever pants she’s wearing, whatever shoes she’s slipped into, whatever jewels she’s dripping with and whatever bag she’s throwing over her shoulder, I’ve never actually been lucky enough to see inside one of those big purses.
Fairchild recently let Us magazine get a look inside, though, so now we know what she is carrying around with her at all times.
I’ve ranked them in the order in which I am going to buy them.
1) “We’re always on the road, so I’ve got a Voluspa travel candle in the Baltic Amber scent. It reminds me of home when I’m in a hotel.”
2) “I never leave home without Yves Saint Laurent’s Baby Doll mascara and 3) L’Oreal Miracle Blur primer.”
4) “Right now, I’m listening to Hozier’s Take Me to Church EP.”
5) “I pack Annie’s organic gummy bunnies for my son — but I like snacking on them, too.”
6) “There are a lot of Wet Ones floating around in here because of Elijah. That kid has been to every aquarium, zoo and park in the country, which means a lot of sticky fingers.”
7) “Sheryl (Crow) turned me on to this throat spray that I carry called Vocal-eze.”