Trisha Yearwood Says “Just Slap Us”

Bond With Kelly Clarkson Stays Strong With Duets

Do you ever wonder what singers think of each other when they’re singing on each other’s albums? If Trisha Yearwood and Kelly Clarkson are any indication, every recording session is wonderful, magical and packed with mutual respect.

Yearwood recruited Clarkson to sing with her for her new single “PrizeFighter,” and Clarkson had Yearwood join her on her Wrapped in Red holiday album last year.

And when they’re together, Yearwood says they’re both so genuinely thrilled to be there.

“We’re both like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m singing with Kelly Clarkson!” She’s like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m singing with Trisha Yearwood!’” Yearwood told ABC News Radio. ‘You should just slap us because we’re just ridiculous. We really do both genuinely admire each other, and so we have so much fun.”

It sounds like Yearwood knows how to choose her duet partners even when she’s not picking them.

For her song “I Remember You,” Yearwood’s husband Garth Brooks had her sister Beth record a harmony part on the song. It was a huge birthday surprise for Yearwood.

“When I go in to listen to the mix … I immediately know it’s her, but it can’t be her,” Yearwood said. “Like, how is that possible? And the song’s emotional for her, too. The most amazing gift my husband could have ever given me, and it takes the song to yet another level because she has a really angelic voice.”