Dierks Bentley on the Roots of the Puke

Was Fan’s Reaction Caused by Stage Fright or Coke and Whiskeys?

Is this what happens when the theoretical tray in seat 7A is filled up with empty mini bottles? Or was this just a severe case of stage fright?

During Dierks Bentley’s encore at Pennsylvania’s Hershey Giant Center on Thursday (Nov. 13), one of his fans vomited right on the stage. Let’s call her the Pennsylvania Puker. It was captured on video — and in song — when Bentley had the wherewithal to replace the “getting drunk on a plane” lyric with “puking up on a stage.”

But, you know, but for the grace of God go I. That could’ve been any of us, considering it happened at the very end of the night.

Although according to Bentley, the fan’s mother now claims the puking was from stage fright, not from too many Coke and whiskeys.

He called into WWYZ-FM in Hartford, Connecticut, and told the story from his messy perspective.

“I tracked her down,” Bentley said. “I got her name, got her cell phone. I think she’s cool. Her mom said she wasn’t drinking, but there was a picture of her on Twitter world of her with a drink in her hand, so I don’t know.”

Regardless of what preceded the puking, Bentley thinks the whole thing was “pretty epic.”

He’d brought the girl and her friend up on the stage because they were dressed as flight attendants. They sang “Drunk on a Plane,” and then some kind of scream came from the crowd.

And then, as he describes it, “She was gone, running through the pit, and all the people had parted like the Red Sea. I look at stage, and there was puke all over the stage.”

After that, Bentley said he yelled, “Clean up in aisle six.”

“I’ve seen people throw up in the crowd,” he said. “And I’ve seen fights, and I’ve seen blood, but I’ve never seen puke on the stage. So for that to happen was pretty epic. I’d love for that to maybe happen again.”

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