Florida Georgia Line: Who Hoards? Who Cleans?

Opposites Attract for Country Duo

If you ever get the chance to chat about music with Florida Georgia Line, do it. Their music, of course, but also just about anyone else’s music. It seems to be the one topic that really gets Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard talking.

So when our last conversation turned to the way they amass music, I was surprised Kelley and Hubbard collect in such different ways.

One kind of hoards the real tangible kind of music, and one only wants his songs digitally.

Kelley says somewhere in Nashville or in his place in Florida he has a very big collection of CDs.

“I’ve got it all,” Kelley told me. “Like old John Michael Montgomery and Boyz II Men and Smashing Pumpkins and Hot Boys and Michael Jackson — the huge set. I had that double stack CD holder. I was so into music, man. I’d rip off the sleeves and read all through them all the time.

“I listen to those CDs sometimes, and me and my wife got some out for a road trip recently. The old homemade mix tapes plus a lot of old ones that I’d bought from the record stores, too,” he added.

But Hubbard has no such collection.

“There’s no shoebox of CDs in my house,” he said. “I try to declutter my life as much as possible, so to have a bunch of CD cases lying around somewhere, that’s just annoying to me. Especially now that I can have all the songs on my computer and just go. And even if it crashes, I’d just buy those songs again.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.