Five Country Stars Who Still Might Want to Call Uber

Car-Ride Company Under Scrutiny for Tracking Customers Via Smartphone App

Who you gonna call? A traditional taxi or a car-ride provider like Uber?

When Uber came under scrutiny this week for allegedly using a feature called “God’s View” to allow employees to track customers’ movements via a smartphone app, our thoughts turned to five country singers whose song lyrics indicate they may need a ride now and then.

Jason Aldean, “Dirt Road Anthem”
“I’m chilling on a dirt road/Laid back, swerving like I’m George Jones/Smoke rolling out the window/Ice cold beer sitting in the console”

Luke Bryan, “My Kind of Night”
“I got that real good feel-good stuff . Up under the seat of my big black jacked-up truck … Scoot your little hot self over here/Girl, hand me another beer, yeah!”
Travis Tritt, “Country Club”
“I drive an old Ford pickup truck/I do my drinkin’ from a Dixie cup”
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