Don’t Do Dibs Down South

Things Are Already Heating Up WithParty Down South 2 Premiere

On Thursday night’s (Nov. 20) premiere of Party Down South 2, which follows eight Southerners ready to shotgun the summer, we meet Bradley, Hunter, Duke, Tommy, Ashton, Karynda, Magan and Raven in their hometowns before hitting the road to the party pad in Biloxi, Mississippi.

First to arrive at the house is Bradley. Then, we meet Raven (aka Barbi). And, according to Bradley, she’s basically the mythical love child of Pink and Madonna. Soon after Raven arrives, Karyn-duh comes in hot with her neck koozie (because she’s a girl who triple fists). After both ladies puke and rally, they get to more drinking.

Shortly thereafter, Hunter and Duke arrive ready to party. Then Ashton, the preacher’s daughter arrives. She’s a whiskey drinker — not a beer drinker — but once Tommy gets to the house, that’s when Bradley goes lights out and tries to be the drunken one-man welcoming committee. Finally, Magan arrives, and Tommy can’t stop staring at her “eyes.”

Then it’s pool time! The crew decides to get in the pool and keep the party going. Ashton calls dibs on Tommy, and this lights a fire under Raven’s booty to get him first — just for funzies. Later, as Ashton is praying upstairs, there’s a great debate happening downstairs between the guys about who has the biggest deer? Bradley is sure that Mississippi has the bigger deer, and Hunter is certain Kentucky claims the honor. So, which state wins? We’ll have to consult the experts and get back to you.

OK, now back to the pool. Raven and Bradley get pretty close in the water, and Ashton is upset — again. Why, you ask? Well, earlier, Bradley complimented Ashton, and she fell in love with him. Keep in mind, Ashton has dibs on both Tommy and Bradley, so that leaves Hunter and Duke. Watch out guys. Ashton is on the prowl!

Will Ashton confront Raven about Bradley and Tommy? Watch the series premiere online and catch this sneak peek of next week’s episode on Thursday (Nov. 27) at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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