Jake Owen’s My Chauffeur

He’s Driving People Around Nashville for Uber and Spotify

I had plans tonight, but I’m 100 percent willing to ditch them for a joy ride with Jake Owen.

Here’s the deal. Uber and Spotify have joined forces to put a few artists behind the wheel of an Uber car, and it just so happens that Nashville’s celebrity driver is Mr. “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” himself. (Does this mean he’ll be driving barefoot? Not sure how I feel about that…)

The idea is to open your Uber app, tap the “Request an Artist” icon, and if you’re lucky, Mr. Owen will be the one driving you to your destination.

I have no idea where I’d want Jake to take me, but I do know it would be pretty awesome if this were his in-car playlist:

“8 Second Ride” (But our ride will be longer. Because I’ll keep changing our destination.)

Embedded from www.youtube.com.