My Saturday Night With Lonestar

“Amazed” Brings Back Memories, Provides Sense of Perspective

I’m still in a Lonestar state of mind. And I don’t mean Texas … although that’s a good state of mind to be in, too.

I’m talking about a state of mind involving Richie McDonald, Keech Rainwater, Dean Sams and Michael Britt — better known as multiplatinum country group Lonestar.

This past weekend, I traveled to the grand opening of the new Harrah’s Metropolis in Metropolis, Illinois, to see the guys perform. It was a pretty special and wild moment all because of the group’s signature song, “Amazed.”

It was 15 years ago when the song first hit the airwaves and melted my junior high school heart to smithereens. I had it on constant replay, pining away, thinking one day, some boy would look at me and echo the sentiments of those lyrics: “I don’t know how you do what you do. … I’m so in love with you.”

Unfortunately, I’d not yet discovered lip gloss or the handiness of a hair straightener — or really anything outside of English homework and Victorian poetry, glorious musical theater and rainbow-color bands for my braces. So I wasn’t exactly lining up the popular guys for a slow dance at homecoming.

But that was OK because I had faith that someday my prince would come. Or, at the very least, I wouldn’t be left standing in a middle school gym holding a fresh pack of Tic-Tac mints waiting for someone to walk me out on the dance floor as my dream ballad played.

No, sir. One day I would be older, wiser and, God willing, a little more stylish when I found myself in the same room with that tune and a dance floor again.

And wouldn’t you know? It would take 15 years, but it would happen. And this time, not only was I in the room as a much more grownup version of myself — with a dance floor and the song floating over a captive audience — I was actually in the room with Lonestar as they were singing it.

And I have to tell you, that beats the heck out of breath mints and any school dance in a stinky gym.

And though I didn’t dance with anyone but myself Saturday night, it was a glorious full-circle moment that took me back to those days of awkwardness and inexperience with fondness. It also gave me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and excitement to see where and just how far life’s unexpected journey can take any of us on any given day.

And, don’t worry, it also gave me a chance to hang with the guys in Lonestar, share a few laughs and collect one heck of a story for the high school reunion.

Of course, the big concert night wasn’t all steeped in nostalgia. The guys played a great mix of older and newer songs and sounded better than ever. As they celebrate more than 20 years in music, they’re also celebrating a brand new single, “Pretty Good Day,” now available on iTunes.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.