Lucy Hale’s Haircut: Not a Holiday Tradition

This Was the One Thing We Didn't Talk About

Just when you think you know a girl …
I feel like Lucy Hale and I talked about everything that was happening for her around the holidays, and yet there was no mention of this brand new haircut on the horizon.
It turned out adorable, obviously. And maybe it was more of a spontaneous, now-or-never situation. But still. You’d think she’d have given me a little hint when we caught up in Nashville after the CMA Awards.
Hale posted this Instagram selfie right before the American Music Awards on Sunday (Nov. 23), and the caption just had little scissors and comb emoji. (Before that, she’d posted a couple of other photos of the bob, but until I saw that scissors emoji, I wasn’t so sure. You just never know if it’s some kind of faux bob these days.)

Haircut aside, here are the holiday traditions Hale and I did talk about:

Decorating: “My mom is like Martha Stewart. Like the day after Thanksgiving, she has the stockings up, the tree in and the lights up,” Hale said, adding she hopes she inherits that gene someday.
Holiday spirit: “I love Christmas so much, I would celebrate it year round.”
A robust stocking: “The stocking is my favorite thing,” she said, “because Santa really knows the makeup and jewelry and gift cards that I want. He’s very smart. So, yeah, I know I’m not getting candy and erasers.”
‘90s Christmas songs: “My two favorites would have to be ‘My Grown-Up Christmas List’ and ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.’”
No last-minute gifts: “I’m all about being a really good gift giver. I brainstorm all year round. Anyone can give lotion or pajamas, but I try to cater towards what someone needs. I’m like a detective. I try to go behind the scenes and figure out what they want but would never in a million years buy for themselves. I like the gifts I give to have thought.”